Knowledge and experience are key

A team of 30 quality inspectors fully dedicated to fruit. We inspect around 50 million cartons of fruit every year. We invest in ourselves to go beyond your expectations every day.

Refreshingly solid

  • Most experienced fruit consultants in Europe
  • Using the most advanced software and instruments
  • Detailed information about the quality and condition
  • QC reports delivered within 4 hours after unloading
  • Research partner of Wageningen University & Research
We know time is essential. We keep track of your shipment and check your fruit immediately after unloading. 

In case of any damage, we have our own surveyors  at your location in the shortest time possible.

Quality Control reports


Obtain all relevant parameters in one single overview.

Rich data

All photos and datasheets are auto-linked to your report.


Digitally sent and directly transportable via your ERP.

Our four eyes principle

At least two of our colleagues check the quality control process to assure flawlessness of our reports. 

Beyond quality control

If the quality of your fruit is not up to your standards, you need more than just a few parameters and graphics about the condition and quality of your produce. You want to know your next steps. HDG implemented a unique advising module based on over 40 years of experience and in-depth knowledge. We identify causes and diseases to advise you about market value, repacking and storage. All in one simple report.   

Jordy Fens

Quality Controller HDG

"What makes a good quality controller? Experience. You can only learn by investing time. Work with experienced colleagues, read about new developments and most of all: train your senses. After eighteen years, I know directly after opening a box if a product smells, looks and feels right.

I can tell on the spot if there was a transport problem or a pre-harvest issue. I identify the cause of the decay and if my client should repack, is able to store it or if there is any effect on its commercial value. It takes time to do so, but if you're able to go beyond quality control, it gives a thrill to become the best at it."