HDG Survey Group

Stronger together, better together

The HDG Survey Group is an international group of companies based in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Together with our worldwide partner network, we help companies with their quality management of fruits and vegetables.

We provide our clients with an integrated service package consisting of quality  inspections, surveys, inspection software and training.

HDG Fruit Consultants offers quality control, surveys, and claims handling for fruits and vegetables since 1981. Based in Rotterdam, we work globally with importers, exporters, and the insurance industry. Our aim is to be the top specialist in perishable goods.

Fruitify Experts specializes in fruit and vegetable quality control and surveys since 2012. Based in Ridderkerk, they act as the eyes of customers, including manufacturers, importers, and retailers, in the Dutch Fresh Port.

Agri Software develops quality inspection software for fruit and vegetables. Founded in 2021, they use QC4U, a smart app for quality inspection, to indicate if the product meets requirements. QC4U simplifies work and converts input into usable "Big Data".

HDG Germany, founded in 2017, offers excellent fruit and vegetable quality control. Combining extensive product knowledge and expertise from HDG Survey Group, they provide high-quality service in the North German market from their branch in Hamburg, Germany's largest port.

Founded in 2007 in Valencia, HDG Ibérica provides quality control services to Spanish producers and now operates internationally as part of the HDG Survey Group. With years of experience and research in fruit and vegetable quality control, HDG Ibérica continues to expand its services.

The HDG Academy, founded in 2022, offers specially designed teaching programs on fruit and vegetable quality control for employees and customers. Based on 40 years of knowledge, they aim to continuously improve through responsive and developed curricula.